Study at the Film Academy Vienna is full-time study structured as a three-year bachelor of arts program ( followed by a two-year master of arts program (

Throughout the course of study, theoretical lectures and supervised practical exercises enable students to acquire the artistic and technical skills and general competence they will need for work in field, all of which they develop further in individual project work that they carry out on their own. The Film Academy Vienna attaches great importance to a sound general education, and for that reason, all students first complete a three-semester program of basic studies embracing all the relevant disciplines. Following this phase of general study, each student specializes in the area in which he or she was admitted to the Film Academy. In the further course of their study, students are required to choose a second area of artistic specialization or the academic discipline Media and Film Studies as a complementary curricular orientation.

Please Notice:
In order to be admitted to the bachelor’s and master’s programs at the Film Academy Vienna, candidates must be proficient in German.