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The Film Academy Vienna, also known as the Institute for Film and Television of the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna (mdw), is Austria’s only university institution devoted to education and training in the field of film and filmmaking. Study at the Film Academy is structured as a three-year bachelor of arts program ( followed by a two-year master of arts program ( in the areas of specialization:

Screenwriting and Dramaturgy
Camera Technology and Cinematography

and, in the master’s program

Digital Art – Compositing

Since 2012, the Film Academy Vienna has offered the option of including the academic discipline

Media and Film Studies

in the major program of study as a secondary curricular orientation, as well as the possibility of completing a doctorate in this area of specialization.

The Film Academy Vienna attaches great importance to a solid, general grounding in all the disciplines; and for that reason, students are mostly taught together during the first three semesters of their study, regardless of their areas of specialization. In this way, all students have the rare opportunity of familiarizing themselves with the various areas of specialization involved in the filmmaking process at the very beginning of their study. In the fourth semester, intensive, individual preparation begins for the final project each student will be required to submit for the bachelor’s degree in his or her major artistic field of concentration. This major field must be complemented with a minor area of concentration (modul) chosen by the student. Students can also pursue personal interests by including in their curricula subjects that are offered as electives.

Study at the Film Academy Vienna is strongly bolstered by an exceptionally wide range of possibilities – internationally unique – for gaining hands-on experience in the craft of filmmaking, both in practical exercises and in the actual making of films within the framework of collective and specially organized study. Thus, students produce yearly some 80 films of durations ranging from 5 to 30 minutes. Films submitted for the bachelor’s degree have often gone through their development and realization phases in a professional environment in collaboration with film production companies.