Digital Art – Compositing (DAC)

Master’s Program

The aim of the master’s program in Digital Art Compositing is to provide, in conjunction with the traditional disciplines, DAC technical know-how and to support the students in the development of their artistic vision. The students are able to bring their ideas to realization in practical work using state-of-the-art facilities and equipment (cameras, studios, motion capturing, etc.) and the software packages currently in use (Nuke, Maya, Modo, Mari, etc.), thus being able to orient themselves toward the established standards in the profession.

The master’s program in Digital Art Compositing combines tradition and innovation, practice and theory, and seeks to spur the development of each student’s personal creativity and technical skills. Of primary importance is the practical orientation of learning processes and methods of work, and also the constant nurturing of our common passion for the moving image. An extensive network of partnerships makes possible a number of opportunites for international exchange.

Whether it be breathtaking virtual worlds or invisible image retouching in independent film – today’s world of film is no longer thinkable without computer-generated images. In this evolution, compositing is considered to be one of the most exciting and promising fields; and the worldwide demand for qualified professionals is greater than ever – and growing. Hardly any other branch of professional activity offers such a variety of job opportunities and working conditions; in fact, a career as a digital artist is often referred to as a “free ticket around the world.”



  • Franz Brandstätter
  • Assistenz-ProfessorInnen

  • Valentin Struklec