Bachelor’s Program

The six semesters of the bachelor’s program provide a thorough grounding in the fundamentals of producing. With genres ranging from feature to documentary film, from cinema to television production, the teaching is as interdisciplinary as possible, alternating between theory and in-depth practical work. In the area of short film, students acquire basic technical knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking in actual practice on the basis of films they produce themselves, beginning with the development of the idea and taking it to its realization. The connections become clear between, on the one hand, the communication junction that is such an essential part of the work of producing, and, on the other, the creative evaluation, development and realization of the greatest variety of film projects. In the program of study, great attention is paid to the constantly evolving occupational profiles in film producing.

The bachelor’s program aims at preparing students for professional work as production assistants and location and set managers.

Master’s Program

In the master’s program, particular emphasis is placed on the primary administrative and financial responsibility that goes along with the job of producing and, at the same time, on the necessity of internalizing and giving thought to the increasing responsibility shared for film content. The international orientation of various forms of cooperation is studied, and the skills that this cooperation requires are learned on the basis of practical examples and current problem-solving tasks. The master’s program also focuses on the feature-length film and television projects. Great importance is attached to enabling the students to establish contacts, first within the Austrian world of film, then internationally, and encouraging them to organize events themselves and, generally, to be active in the outside world. Thus, in each of its phases, the program of study is able to reflect present-day life and practical personal experience. And in a “competitive cluster” situated between art and the creative industries, one that is subject to such rapid change, this carries with it the challenge of vigilance. Understanding variety that can be of quality and creating it with an awareness of responsibility are essential aims here.

In order to be admitted to the bachelor’s and master’s programs at the Film Academy Vienna, candidates must be proficient in German.



  • Danny Krausz
  • Assistenz-ProfessorInnen

  • Katja Dor-Helmer
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Karin Macher