Screenwriting and Dramaturgy

Bachelor’s Program

In the first half of the bachelor’s program in Screenwriting and Dramaturgy, students acquire a thorough grounding, both theoretical and practical, in all the essential aspects of writing and filmmaking, with emphasis being placed on the short film. On the basis of the knowledge and skills thus acquired, they then turn their attention to the full-length screenplay, exploring its inherent dramaturgical possibilities and also the questions it poses. The aim of this program of study is to build a solid foundation of knowledge and, especially, specific skills for complex storytelling by the medium of film.

Master’s Program

The aim of the master’s program in Screenwriting and Dramaturgy is to enable students to develop their own personal, artistic expression, to refine and deepen their practical skills, and to acquire a solid command of dramatic composition. A further aim is to provide them with well-grounded theoretical knowledge of all aspects of screenwriting: dramatic and epic theories of dramaturgy, character development, scene composition, constructing dialogue, creativity tools, the various genres, etc.

A variety of elective courses in all areas of the art and industry of film provide the students with further opportunities to expand their knowledge of filmmaking.

In order to be admitted to the bachelor’s and master’s programs at the Film Academy Vienna, candidates must be proficient in German.



  • Götz Spielmann
  • Senior Lecturer

  • Alexander Mahler
  • Kathrin Resetarits
  • Sandra Bohle